The new beach access walkover and stairs are open to the public…

We want to begin this post by pointing out what a beautiful day it has been in St. Augustine Beach today and how great the Pier looked this morning with the calm ocean of less that 1′ of wave action.  You can see from the photo posted that it certainly looks nice out and will only get better as we move towards the weekend.

As many of you may know from visiting St. Augustine Beach over the past few months, the walk-over and stairs leading to the beach from the seawall were not open to the public and in need of repair from months of water damage and erosion to the beach.  Well, we would like to note that a much needed replacement of the stairs has been made and it appears to now be open to the public making beach access from the St. Augustine Beach Pier Park possible for all.  In addition to the walk-over and stairs replacement, they have expanded the width of the stairs to accommodate two way pedestrian traffic and a much greater flow of beach-goers.  We wish to thank St. Johns County for the work that has been done…


Picture of St. Augustine Beach Pier

A beautiful morning looking at the Pier

St. Augustine Beach Pier stair replacement

Side view of stairs with Pier in the background

St. Augustine Beach Pier

New beach access stairs at the St. Augustine Beach Pier